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Summer Specials!

2nd passenger rides free on the Skyline and Riverfront Tour! 40 minute flight for two $325
+10 extra minutes of flight time on the Barnstormer! 30 minute flight for two $265

Classic Biplane Tour Packages


The Barnstormer

Flight Time20 Min
Distance30 Miles

This flight takes you around the Louisville downtown area, over Churchill Downs, and up the Ohio River to the historic water tower. It is usually a 30 mile 20 minute flight but for a limited time, Classic Biplane Tours is offering a free upgrade to a 30 minute flight. This is an extra 10 minutes of thrill time for you and one other person all for $265.

One passenger icon $185
Two passengers icon$265
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1 Passenger
2 Passengers

Skyline and Riverfront Tour

Flight Time40 Min
Distance60 Miles

On this flight you’ll have an extraordinary view of Churchill Downs, Louisville International Airport, Papa John’s Cardinal Stadium, and the Falls of the Ohio. You’ll also get a fabulous view of the Louisville Skyline, the Slugger Field, the Yum! Center, Waterfront Park, and continues on to follow the Ohio River into Southern Indiana and Oldham County. This is a 40 minute flight where 2 can ride for the price of 1. This package, regularly $365, is now $325.

One passenger icon $325
Two passengers icon$365$325
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1 Passenger
2 Passengers

About Us


Steve Koch

Steve is a missionary pilot and chairman of the board at Agape Flights based in Venice, Florida. Agape makes weekly flights from Florida to various locations in Haiti and the Dominican Republic delivering supplies to 370 missionary families. Steve has spent 13,000 hours flying many types of general aviation aircraft and large turboprops. He has been actively flying in the Louisville area since 1970.

C.J. Koch

For C.J. the love of flying is generational. Since he is Steve’s son he has literally been flying all of his life. He holds type ratings in several different jet types and is a pilot for a major airline. C.J. looks forward to stepping out of the jets and flying “real” airplanes, like the big red Waco and taking you on a Barnstorming adventure over the beautiful city of Louisville.

Billy Ladd, Maintenance Director

Billy, a licensed aircraft and power plant mechanic with Inspection Authority (IA), has spent a full career in aircraft maintenance. He is an authority on radial engines, having worked on many different models of the multi-row radials in the military. He spent 35 years in mechanic work for commercial airlines including Delta, Air Transport International, and Fed Ex. Don’t be surprised if you see Billy walking around the plane wiping little spots of dirt and oil off as you’re boarding.
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Souvenirs of Your Flight

We have T-shirts and Hats available after your flight as souvenirs of your experience.



Want to relive your ride all over again? Be sure and request a DVD of your flight. There are three different camera views with all the sounds. If you have a surround sound system in your home, your viewing experience will be as realistic as you can get.




Great ride. It was beautiful! Our pilot was very friendly and knowledgeable. Great for “kids” of any age, young or old! Would definitely go again.
What a wonderfully exciting flight. Steve, the pilot, is great fun and we felt safe and secure ever moment of this great adventure. I can’t recommend it enough.
The biplane tour was awesome. Being in an open cockpit plane was something I’ve never done, and now won’t forget. The pilot was very informative and courteous. He even gave us a certificate so we would remember our anniversary for years to come.
Highly recommend this. Buy the movie. FYI, a great couple runs this business.
I bought the Biplane ride as a gift for my father’s 70th birthday and he had a blast. Steve, the pilot, was very nice and accommodating while we took pictures and enjoyed the pre-flight preparation. I would highly recommend Classic Biplane Tours to my family and friends.
Many, many thanks for a wonderful experience. Can’t wait to see the video!!
A fun, outstanding experience. The pilot (owner) is very friendly, extremely accommodating, and very flexible. He will work with you to make your experience the best. I can’t wait to go again and will use this as a gift for someone else again.
A fun, outstanding experience. The pilot (owner) is very friendly, extremely accommodating, and very flexible. He will work with you to make your experience the best. I can’t wait to go again and will use this as a gift for someone else again. Great trip.
Thank you for accommodating our 5 year old son. He LOVED it.
Thanks for being so accommodating to my husband and sister-in-law. They had a great time, and appreciated the DVD!
Took my wife for the Classic Biplane Tour on our anniversary, and it was an awesome experience. Great views of Louisville Airport, Churchill downs, Downtown, Ohio River and the historic water tower. It was a great experience riding in an open cockpit biplane!
It was a wonderful experience! We put the video that we took to music and posted it on Facebook. I hope to be able to come back again.
This was bought for my autistic grandson, and his grandfather. My grandson absolutely loved it! The people there were really nice and informative about the whole thing! Thumbs up!
Fantastic air tour over Louisville, would definitely commend to anyone wanting to see Louisville from the air :)
Pilot was a great guy….laid back, yet gave good directions and was concerned we could see/hear/communicate and have a good flight experience……..which we did. Will likely go back for a longer flight.
What fun! The pilot and his assistant were so friendly and nice.
Steve does a great job- takes good care of his customers.
An amazing experience! Would definitely do it again and highly recommend this to everyone!
Great trip. Short but sweet. Loved the experience of seeing Louisville from a biplane!


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